Ambulance chaser

The news is out: [A former FBI lawyer who admitted altering an email sent to a colleague working on the investigation into alleged Russian influence on Trump campaign affiliates is asking to be spared a prison sentence in connection with his plea to a felony false-statement charge.
Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty in August, soon after he became the only person charged in connection with the investigation Attorney General William Barr ordered last year into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. Barr earlier this week appointed the official leading that review, Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham, as a special counsel, empowering him to continue the investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s term.
Clinesmith faces a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison, but is likely to be sentenced in accordance with federal guidelines that call for a term of zero to six months in custody in his case. His attorneys say he has suffered enough, with his career “in shambles” and his reputation ruined.]

The lawyer’s lawyers said he had suffered enough. Case closed.

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