Grand delusion

The news is out: [‘The Lord says it is done,’ White declared, praying for a President Trump win. ‘For I hear victory, victory, victory!’
Paula White, the spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, held a prayer service declaring that angels were being “dispatched” to help the 45th president remain in the White House.
“I hear a sound of victory. The Lord says it is done. For I hear victory, victory, victory!” White proclaimed. “Angels are being dispatched right now.”
Angels have been dispatched from Africa right now,” White says she envisions. “They’re coming here, in the name of Jesus.” She also declares angels were being “dispatched” from South America.
In the clips of her prayer, originally posted by Right Wing Watch, she also vowed to stand against “demonic confederacies” that are against the election in America and, she says, “who You have declared to be in the White House.”
She implored her followers to “Pray that the enemies to God are quieted and their plans are overturned.”]

Hey Paula, Biden won, isn’t that the will of God? Funny how everything these crooks and thieves want should also be the will of their fairy.

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