Many Americans don’t care

The news is out: [HOUSTON — The United States is winding up a particularly devastating week, one of the very worst since the coronavirus pandemic began nine months ago.
On Friday, a national single-day record was set, with more than 226,000 new cases. It was one of many data points that illustrated the depth and spread of a virus that has killed more than 278,000 people in this country, more than the entire population of Lubbock, Texas, or Modesto, Calif., or Jersey City, N.J.
More than 787,000 residents and employees of at least 28,000 nursing homes and long-term care centers for older people in the United States have contracted the coronavirus, according to a New York Times analysis based on federal, state, local and facility-level data. Of those infected, more than 106,000 have perished.]

As nations around the globe battle the coronavirus with face masks and social distancing, one country glaringly hasn’t come to grasp with the meaning of a pandemic. Many Americans continue to prove to the world that they are indeed the dumbest animals on the planet. With kids in virtual school and off of playgrounds, older Americans fearing for their lives, the usual imbeciles are holding everyone hostage with their stupidity.

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