My banana peel

The news is out: [WASHINGTON — The crudely drawn image shows the gates to Auschwitz, the most notorious of the Nazi extermination camps. There stand two black-clad figures, each holding a syringe. Look more closely, and the steel sign above the entrance, which in the real world reads “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”), has been altered to “Impfen macht frei,” or “Vaccination makes you free.”
Look closer yet, and a portrait in the distance turns out to be that of Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and philanthropist, who has devoted much of his energy to improving public health. Conspiracy theorists falsely believe he will profit from coronavirus vaccinations. In an especially outlandish variation of that baseless charge, vaccinations are a cover for a plot to inject everyone with microchips that will track their locations.]

It may take martial law, suspending the Constitution, to effectively battle the coronavirus, because too many idiots are floating around this country.

I personally don’t believe or care about implanting humans with microchips. What I believe in is the Constitution. The government can use other means, like a driver’s license or a credit card, to track someone’s locations. That said, I will not be part of anything involving Bill Gates; I don’t trust him. Why is the media so shy about using his main title: the Microsoft founder and philanthropist is foremost a “Eugenicist” like his father before him.

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