Public servants

The news is out: [The sheriff of Riverside County, California, blasted Gov. Gavin Newsom and his new coronavirus restrictions while also announcing his deputies will not be enforcing them.
“These closures and stay-at-home orders are flat-out ridiculous,” Sheriff Chad Bianco said in a video message Friday. “The metrics used for closures are unbelievably faulty and are not representative of true numbers and are disastrous for Riverside County.”
Bianco continued, “When the medical field is so split about this virus, it might be time to employ a little common sense. Keeping money and support from our hospitals who are struggling with normal seasonal increases in patients, coupled with COVID-19 patients, is irresponsible.”
He accused Newsom of attempting to “shift attention” away from his own “do as I say not as I do behavior” by turning public opinion against sheriffs’ departments in California.
“He is expecting us to arrest anyone violating these orders, cite them and take their money, close their businesses, make them stay in their homes, and take away their civil liberties, or he will punish all of us,” Bianco said. “I believe that all jobs are essential to someone. Leaders do not threaten, attempt to intimidate, or cause fear; bullies do.”]

Why can’t public servants just do their job?

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