Stupid is

The news is out: [Some climate scientists are coming to believe it’s humanity’s only hope for slowing or stopping disastrous changes in the climate. As runaway carbon dioxide emissions contribute to melting ice caps, widespread flooding, prolonged heat waves and droughts, apocalyptic wildfires, and devastating hurricanes, researchers are exploring planetary-scale interventions in Earth’s natural systems as a way of counteracting climate change. Geoengineering has been debated since the 1960s, when U.S. scientists suggested floating billions of white, golf ball–like objects in the oceans to reflect sunlight. Interfering in natural processes was widely considered naïve and dangerous until recently, but as the window to curb global warming shrinks, proposals to reflect sunlight, shade Earth’s surface, accelerate carbon absorption in the oceans, and remove CO2 from the air are being taken more seriously. In October, SilverLining, a nonprofit, gave $3 million toward climate-engineering research. “I liken geoengineering to chemotherapy,” said Michael Gerrard, a professor of environmental and climate law at Columbia University. “If all else is failing, you try it.”]

The last human group to arrive on the planet is hell-bent on waging a war against Mother Nature. They have floated billions of pieces of plastic and trash in the oceans and are not ready to stop.

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