Tom doesn’t get it

The news is out: [California Rep. Tom McClintock, a Republican who represents a rural area of the state including Yosemite National Park, took to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday to blast Gov. Newsom’s increasing public health restrictions.
He began his speech by mocking the overnight stay-at-home order, which covers most of the state. The curfew orders residents to end gatherings before 10 p.m.
“Governor Newsom made a groundbreaking discovery regarding COVID-19 last week. Apparently it has learned to tell time. Thus acting under the strictest of scientific standards, he’s ordered Californians to run home before 10 p.m., lock their doors and hide from this insidious virus until daybreak,” he said. “Unfortunately COVID doesn’t seem to be following the curfew.”
Public health experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci have said data suggests curfews have worked in other countries, as people tend to let their guards down and engage in riskier behaviors when socializing late at night.
Rep. McClintock cited statistics showing the majority of people recover from the virus and called lockdowns a mistake, driven by needless fear.]

Many will get the message, but others, like neutered dogs, will never get it.

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