Another racist movie

The news is out: [Constantin Films, the studio that produced the upcoming film “Monster Hunter,” apologized on Sunday for a scene in the film that used a racist playground rhyme, which led China’s film board to pull the film from theaters over the weekend.
Monster Hunter,” which stars Milla Jovovich and is based on the Capcom video game of the same name, was expected to contend for the top of the box office charts this weekend with an opening in the $16-18 million range. It seemed to be on track to meet that mark with a reported $5.3 million grossed on Friday. But the film quickly faced backlash over a scene that appeared to reference an old racist playground rhyme that went, “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these” as the chanters would pull at their eyes.
The “Monster Hunter” scene in question features rapper MC Jin (Jin Au-Yeung) saying, “Look at my knees.” “What kind of knees are these?” his white male scene partner asks. “Chi-nese!” Jin’s character responds, emphasizing the “knees” pun.]

This movie is part of the same war being waged on every non-white people of the world. The birth of a Nation and Goodbye Uncle Tom are two of the most racist and depraved movies ever made.

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