Normal day in the US

The news is out: [Christopher Krebs, who was fired Nov. 17 by President Trump after he refuted the president’s claims of widespread election fraud, singled out comments made almost two weeks later by attorney Joseph diGenova, who said Krebs should face the same punishment inflicted on those convicted of treason because he had asserted that the 2020 election was the most secure in history.
He should be drawn and quartered,” diGenova said on the outlet Newsmax, a third defendant. “Taken out at dawn and shot.
He also labeled Krebs an “idiot” and a “class-A moron” during the segment, which unleashed a flood of social media comments that left Krebs, his wife and several of their young children in fear for their lives, according to the lawsuit.
At one point, according to the lawsuit, the Krebs’s 10-year-old child asked: “Daddy’s going to get executed?”]

Many people don’t belong in official positions where they can spread their ignorance. Bodily threats to another are not included in free speech.

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