Who will enforce the law

The news is out: [Lifelong Republican Ron Filipkowski, who resigned on Tuesday from his position as vice chairman of the 12th Circuit Judicial Nomination Committee (JNC) in Florida, appeared on Cuomo Prime Time Tuesday night and explained why he did it.
A day earlier, agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) raided the home of Rebekah Jones, a data scientist who was fired from the Florida Department of Health in May following a dispute with superiors over properly reporting COVID-19 data.
Filipkowski agreed with the assertion Jones made on Monday night that the raid was an attempt by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to intimidate her and other scientists, and he claimed that the raid wasn’t warranted.
“I watched the video when she tweeted it out right after the incident happened, and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Filipkowski said, later adding, “I saw what was happening and I couldn’t believe it. Then I read the search warrant, and I’m a criminal lawyer, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in the search warrant about how broad it was, about what they were alleging as a supposed crime.”
“Do you believe that your governor has been dishonest about the COVID realities in your state?” Chris Cuomo asked. “Yeah, absolutely,” Filipkowski answered. “No question about it.”]

The rule of law is non-existent in the US and especially in Floriduh where an imbecile governor is allowed to run unleashed. There is no one left to enforce the law. Ron DeSantis and the judge who signed on this search warrant should be arrested and charged. Floriduh must recall DeSantis and the damn judge.

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