Another God’s goon

The news is out: [A San Jose pastor who flagrantly ignored the COVID-19 shutdown has been fined about $55,000 for hosting in-person services, but he says he has no plans to stop.
Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Peter H. Kirwan found Pastor Mike McClure and Calvary Chapel in San Jose in contempt Tuesday for “repeatedly violating a temporary restraining order mandating that the church stop holding unlawful indoor gatherings and require that its congregants wear face coverings and maintain physical distance during services,” the county said in a statement.
The district attorney’s office sued the church in October after more than $350,000 in fines weren’t enough of a threat to get McClure to close his doors and go virtual.]

Time to end tax exemption for the pedophile clubs; all of them. Anyone who cannot see the dangers of religion is an idiot.

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