I was right again

The news is out: [The raid by state police of the Tallahassee home of Florida data analyst Rebekah Jones has helped her raise more than $200,000 in two days in a new GoFundMe account and revived her national celebrity.
Jones, who was fired from her role running the COVID dashboard at the Florida Department of Health in May after accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration of trying to manipulate state data to downplay the severity of the coronavirus, has spent much of the week appearing on national cable shows and talking with her lawyers, which now includes Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer Stephen Dobson.
Since May, Jones has organized two fundraisers on GoFundMe and raised nearly $500,000 in donations, fueled by a Twitter account with more than 340,000 followers, including former Star Trek legend George Takei.
“Rebekah Jones was fired for refusing to manipulate COVID-19 data for the state of FL,’’ Takei wrote on Twitter late Monday to his 3.2 million followers. “She began publishing her own dashboard. Then they raided her home. To support her work and to give the finger to DeSantis and his gestapo, donate to her project here,’’ and included the link.]

My previous post about Rebekah Jones stated that I could see a lot of money in Rebekah’s future. It wasn’t the above; she should sue the F out of everyone who participated in the raid of her house: the governor, the judge, all the FDLE agents who are too stupid to understand the law said they have to refuse an unlawful order. I just sent an email to the DNC and the GOP asking if there is anyone left with balls or common sense.

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