In the name of Jesus

The news is out: [A paedophile priest who was sent to the US for “therapy” returned to the UK and was allowed to carry out school inspections and perform Mass for children, it has emerged.
Father Joseph Quigley, 56, a former national education advisor for Roman Catholic schools, sexually and physically abused a boy and locked him in a church crypt.
Last week Quigley, of Aston, Staffordshire, was convicted of a string of child sex offences, and was found guilty by jurors at Warwick Crown Court.
A judge said that “a lengthy prison sentence is inevitable” for the “sado-masochistic” priest, and remanded him in custody while a report is prepared on him to assess the danger he poses in the future. He is due to be sentenced in January.]

Children don’t stand a chance in our society. What can be expected of pedophiles who spread the message of a God who is a prolific baby killer?

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