Present day USA

The news is out: [A board of health meeting in Boise, Idaho, was abruptly adjourned Tuesday night after protesters gathered outside of members’ homes and offices, presenting a safety threat.
The Central District Health Board of Health was scheduled to discuss steps to take to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in the community. A draft of the proposed order suggested limiting gatherings to fewer than 10 people and requiring the use of face masks in certain situations.
But the discussion was cut off 15 minutes after it started at the request of Boise Police, who grew concerned “that officers would not be able to maintain public order.”
Officers received reports of some protesters intending to force their way inside the CDH building to cause a disturbance, Boise Police said in a release. They said agitated demonstrators had gathered outside of three different board members’ homes.
One of those homes was that of Diana Lachiondo. She wasn’t there at the time ― but her 12-year-old son was. Lachiondo left the meeting in tears to rush home because she feared for her son’s safety.
“My 12-year-old son is home by himself right now and there are protesters banging outside the door,” Lachiondo said through tears, according to a video of the meeting. “I’m going to go home and make sure he’s OK.”
Lachiondo later tweeted that she and her family were fine.]

I am one who will not blame this on Trump. The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the many racists who elected him and the many imbeciles floating around this country. Please note that the media didn’t dare describe the perpetrators as thugs.

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