Still raping the Constitution

The news is out: [Rebekah Jones, the COVID-19 data scientist whose home was raided by Florida state police on Monday, appeared on Erin Burnett OutFront on Wednesday where she claimed that the police released her personal information online in retaliation for a video she posted of the raid. In the video she posted, Jones can be heard yelling about the officers pointing guns at her young children.
“I only turned the camera on in case something with the arrest didn’t go right. I never expected they’d storm into my house or point guns at my children,” Jones said. “Since then the police have released my home address and my private phone number online, which just feels like further retaliation for releasing the video in the first place.”
That’s not the only form of retaliation Jones is alleging. A plea deal in a misdemeanor case Jones is involved in was rescinded the day after the raid, and Jones believes that was the doing of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.]

This is my email to the DNC and GOP. “ Every politician took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution. Every elected official from the governor to the dog catcher has the duty to serve and protect the Constitutional rights of the people. Why hasn’t any public servant step forward to stop Ron DeSantis from violating the Constitutional rights of Rebekah Jones? Anyone left with balls or common sense?

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