Politicians are stupid

Yesterday, I sent the following email to the DNC and GOP in Floriduh. In order to contact them, I had to provide first and last name, street address, email, phone number.

This was my original email to the DNC and GOP: “ Every politician took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution. Every elected official from the governor to the dog catcher has the duty to serve and protect the Constitutional rights of the people. Why hasn’t any public servant step forward to stop Ron DeSantis from violating the Constitutional rights of Rebekah Jones? Anyone left with balls or common sense?”

The GOP reply asked for my address which was provided on the original request.

My answer: Please have someone answer my email, who has more than 2 drunk brain cells fighting over the couch.

The DNC reply: DNC HQ: We won the White House. Now, join our focus group to say what issues are most important for Joe & Kamala to lead on.

My answer: Like neutered dogs, you just don’t get it. The most important issue is to read and understand the Constitution. Of course, it would help if they can understand the American English. Please read my original email and reply accordingly. Thank you.

Congratulations, voters.

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