Dear American voters, 2

The new email: [Phil, now that the dust is settling from this historic election and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been elected as our next president and vice president, the DNC wants to hear from our top supporters like you.
Let the Democratic Party know your thoughts on the 2020 election by completing the Official Post-Election Strategy Survey. It will only take a moment, but your responses will be carefully reviewed and help guide the party’s strategy for future elections.


The past four years have proven time and again that the Democratic Party is at its best when we’re accountable to the grassroots — which is why our party’s senior leadership wants to hear directly from you.
By making your voice heard today, you’ll play an important role in shaping future election strategies as we fight to support the Biden-Harris agenda and elect Democrats to office up and down the ticket.
Begin the Official Post-Election Strategy Survey now. Your responses will be used to craft our party’s strategies for upcoming elections.
The Democrats]

I wonder if they were looking into a crystal ball or their own personal nuts to find out I was a supporter. So I took the survey and was guided to this:
Choose an amount:
Your contribution will benefit Democratic National Committee (DNC).
Make it monthly!
Yes, count me in! No, donate once
Monthly gifts help our team plan ahead and make strategic investments that will help elect Democrats nationwide.

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