The news is out: [After celebrity pastor of Hillsong NYC Carl Lentz was fired for cheating on his wife in November, sources told Insider that the issues at Hillsong run much deeper than one affair.
Several former volunteers said top pastors regularly took advantage of free and underpaid labor, and in some cases paid little or no money for volunteers to babysit their children.
In 2017, former Hillsong Boston volunteer Tiffany Perez said she was asked to take care of the top pastor Josh Kimes’ daughter, Lyla, who was 4 at the time for $150 a week.
Perez often worked up to 25 hours a week babysitting, she said, which comes out to about $6 an hour, or half the minimum wage in Massachusetts. Perez also cleaned their home and looked after their dog, she said. She was not paid extra for the cleaning or dog care.
Meanwhile, pastors like Lentz were treated like royalty by the Christian megachurch with private chauffeurs paid for by Hillsong and access to perks like courtside seats at Knicks games.
Free favors, Perez said, are viewed as a way to serve the church.
“Hillsong refers to it as ‘honoring,'” Perez said, “but over the years I wondered is it really honoring. Or is it that you’re just being taken advantage of?”]

More morality from religion.

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