Another Bayou cop

The news is out: [BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A Black man has for the first time spoken publicly about the beating he says he received at the hands of a white Louisiana state trooper who was recently arrested and accused of pummeling the man with a flashlight 18 times in 24 seconds.
With tears in his eyes, Aaron Bowman stood on the steps Monday of the Louisiana State Capitol during a news conference and relived the May 2019 encounter in Monroe, WAFB-TV reported.
Bowman says he sustained broken ribs, a fractured arm and other injuries after being dragged from his car by officers and beaten by Trooper Jacob Brown. According to Brown’s arrest warrant, the flashlight was equipped with a special tip to break car safety glass and the trooper used it as a baton to hit him.
”Don’t nobody deserve to get beat with a flashlight,” Bowman said.]

Not the first, won’t be the last, but this has to stop.

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