Tennessee idiot

The news is out: [A Tennessee man faces intimidation charges after hurling racist threats and slurs during a dispute over a parking spot, according to Memphis police.
Authorities say Clinton Jeffries, 52, told them he called a Black woman the n-word and threatened to “hang her from a tree” after she took a parking space he wanted at a Shelby County Kroger store on Wednesday.
Jeffries allegedly boxed the woman in with his car before yelling epithets at her through her car window, according to a police report obtained by McClatchy News.
The woman told police the attack happened “out of nowhere” and left her fearing for her life, the report says.
She told police she left the parking lot once Jeffries moved his car from behind hers but quickly realized he was following her as she drove to work, according to the report.
She said she called police after Jeffries followed her into her workplace and threatened to “cut your neck off” if she took his spot again.
Jeffries was arrested Thursday on charges of assault and civil rights intimidation.]

There are a bunch of these imbeciles floating around the country.

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