Price gouging

The news is out: [A Belgian politician has revealed how much the EU will pay for doses of the major vaccines, validating predictions that Moderna’s vaccine would be the most expensive.
On Friday, Eva De Bleeker, Belgium’s Budget State Secretary, tweeted a list showing how much the EU was paying per dose for six of the leading treatments, as well as how many units the government had ordered.
De Bleeker quickly deleted the tweet, but not before local news outlets were able to publish screenshots.
Here’s the price list shared by De Bleeker:
Oxford University and AstraZeneca: $2.18 (1.78 euro)
Johnson & Johnson: $10.42 (8.50 euro)
Sanofi and Glaxo Smith Klein: $9.27 (7.56 euro)
Pfizer and BioNTech: $14.71 (12 euro)
CureVac: $12.26 (10 euro)
Moderna: $22.06 (18 euro)]

It’s all legal.

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