A mutation for the mutants

The news is out: [Officials across the U.S. urged calm and continued caution Sunday, following the identification of a new strain of Covid-19 in the U.K.
Researchers in the U.K. estimate that the variant could be as much as 70% more transmissible than more established strains. Some of the changes are on the spike protein on the surface of the virus, potentially enabling it to more easily cling to and enter human cells. Scientists don’t believe it is any more deadly.
The new strain was first detected in England in September and was identified last week. The European Centers for Disease Control said Sunday that a few cases of the new strain had been reported in Denmark, the Netherlands and possibly in Belgium. A similar mutation has appeared in South Africa, scientists said.]

Not shocking at all. The Coronavirus is adjusting to the mutations of Dravidian albinos.

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