Corona is doubling down

The news is out: [Britain is in an unparalleled state of crisis. Johnson’s horrifying weekend television address, when he revealed a new, seemingly faster-spreading strain of the coronavirus was tearing through London, has had a domino effect around the world. More than 30 nations have slammed their doors shut to incoming British travel—most seriously, France has closed its U.K. border for two days, meaning no commercial transport of cargo can make its way in from Europe, raising fears of immediate food shortages days before Christmas.
As of Monday morning, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Iran, Croatia, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Morocco, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have all announced bans. No action has yet been taken in the United States—though New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has demanded new federal restrictions to stop British flights from streaming in to New York City’s airports.
But experts fear it could be too late to stop the mutant strain of COVID racing around the planet.]

Somewhere in the world, Bill Gates and other members of the American Eugenics Movement are smiling.

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