Keep blaming Satan

The news is out: [Televangelist and ardent Donald Trump supporter Kenneth Copeland has claimed the devil is trying to steal the election so he can “kill babies and destroy the nation’s youth.”
Speaking live on Victory Channel on Sunday, the multimillionaire televangelist made an impassioned speech about the U.S. presidential election and the huge cyber attack on businesses and government agencies.
Copeland said the devil “came to steal, to kill and to destroy” and “the wisdom of God has been functioning in Donald John Trump.”
A clip of the election rant has been viewed more than 36,000 times on Twitter, and video of the full speech has been viewed another 18,000 times on Facebook and YouTube.]

If he bothers to open the bible under his armpit, Kenneth Copeland can read that his God is actually the baby killer, a genocidal monster responsible for 25 million deaths of innocent people, just in the Old Testament. But as stupid as Copeland is, he can always make shit up.

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