Murder by Covid-19

The news is out: [A person living in southern Oregon knowingly went to work while sick, and likely caused seven people to die from COVID-19 and forced more than 300 people into quarantine, health officials said.
“One of those outbreaks has resulted in seven deaths, and the other recent outbreak has placed over 300 people/families in quarantine,” the statement said. “We can’t even imagine the tremendous remorse these people are feeling right now, and we sympathize with them.”
Officials referred to the person’s decision to go to work as a “superspreader action” – a take on the term “superspreader event” that can be used to refer to weddings and other large gatherings during which COVID-19 can spread.]

Covid-19 can be deadlier than an AR-15. In many cases, it’s a weapon, and causing an outbreak should be handled as murder or attempted murder.

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