Racism kills again

The news is out: [The Columbus Police Department on Wednesday released the body camera footage of the fatal shooting of a 47-year-old Black man in which an officer shot the victim within seconds of the encounter.
Footage of the encounter published by WOSU Public Media shows the officer, identified as Adam Coy, shoot Andre Maurice Hill early Tuesday morning.
The incident comes weeks after a local county sheriff’s deputy, Jason Meade, fatally shot 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr., whose death sparked protests across the city.
The Columbus Department of Public Safety said Tuesday that Coy’s body camera was not fully activated, meaning there’s no audio for the first 60 seconds of the encounter.
However, Coy can be seen with another officer approaching Hill’s garage. About 47 seconds into the video, Hill can be seen walking out of his garage with a phone in one hand, and his right hand is not visible.
Coy appears to shoot Hill just seconds later, and Hill can be seen falling to the ground.]

Enough black men have been slaughtered, enough black women have been raped, enough black babies have been sacrificed on the altar of white supremacy, enough black families have been destroyed.

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