Biblical stupidity 2628

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible.

God should repent again

“A crisis reveals someone’s true character; well, unless you are an evangelical because you never had any to reveal.”

In 2016, after 40 days and 40 nights of prayers, the almighty came down Mount Denali in Alaska, and chose a thrice-married blasphemer. In 2020, the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people (Exodus32:14) and placed a call to Biden. That decision doesn’t sit well with his sheepherders.

At every turn, from the pulpit of their tax-free profit centers, these varmints were bashing their infallible fairy for farting on Trump. There is an extensive list of thieves and crooks who are presently pissed off at God the father, Jesus and the holy buzzard: Paula White-Cain, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, Michele Bachman, Tracy Cooke, Denise Goulet, Robert Henderson, Hank Kunneman, Kent Christmas, Mark Taylor, Bevelyn Beatty, Greg Locke, Terry Pearsons, Robin Bullock, Sid Roth, Kevin Zadai, Kat Kerr, Lance Wallman, Curt Landry, Kris Vallahorn, George Pearsons, to name a few.

These morons haven’t been in the news for healing the sick anymore, or helping find a cure to the coronavirus, or comforting the dying, or warning the uneducated about the importance of face masks and social distancing. Instead of even praying for a cure, the evangelicals were assaulting God for not correcting the celestial mistake he made during the elections.

These dimwits don’t have a problem with 19,447,257 Coronavirus cases and 340,146 deaths in the US; no, the most important action they demand from God is to “correct” his mistake and reverse the result of the presidential elections. The omniscient, omnipotent, good at all times sky daddy screwed up. As the wolves continue to fleece the poor and uneducated, and not pay taxes, their only wish is that God bows to their demand, because they know best.

Suddenly, I became filled with the holy spirit, (in a glass with ice) and realized that God just gave them the holy finger. AGAIN.

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