Another holiday story

The news is out: [The man responsible for the bomb attack which ripped through Nashville on Christmas Day had told acquaintances he had cancer and began giving away his possessions shortly before the attack, according to reports.
Police on Sunday night named Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, as the man responsible for the bomb. Warner was killed in the blast and identified after police used DNA found on the scene to confirm his identity.
It was matched with samples found on the motorhome which exploded injuring three people and damaging dozens of businesses. The vehicle was also registered to Warner.
Warner, an unmarried IT specialist, had announced his retirement three weeks before the attack, his colleagues told the New York Times.
The 63-year-old had also told an ex-girlfriend that he had cancer and given her his car, according to the newspaper.
Records show that Warner had also signed away his home the day before Thanksgiving on November 26.]

Anything to avoid calling him a homegrown terrorist; which is what he was. Imagine if he was black or Muslim.

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