From a judge

The news is out: [A federal judge in Iowa slammed President Trump’s recent pardons on Tuesday, saying, “It’s not surprising that a criminal like Trump pardons other criminals.”
U.S. District Judge Robert Pratt made the statement during an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.
Pratt said, “Apparently to get a pardon, one has to be either a Republican, a convicted child murderer or a turkey.”
Pratt was referring to Trump’s Republican allies in the government, security contractors convicted of killing civilians in Iraq and the turkey that is pardoned each Thanksgiving.
The AP reports that Pratt’s statement came when he was asked by the news outlet for a comment on the recent pardoning of former aides for ex-Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) who were convicted on corruption charges related to the Iowa caucuses.]

The judge doesn’t know that criminals are exactly the kind of folks who need pardons.

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