Biblical stupidity 2635

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. Many biblical books were deemed so stupid that 1800 imbeciles decided to ban them from the approved bible, in 325AD. Next comes The EPISTLE of IGNATIUS to the TRALLIANS. (Sit tight, hang on, we are about to discover some major BS.)

He again exhorts to unity: and desires their prayers for himself and for his church at Antioch.

I SALUTE you from Smyrna, together with the churches of God that are present with me; who have refreshed me in all things, both in the flesh and in the spirit.
2 My bonds, which I carry about me for the sake of Christ, beseeching him that I may attain unto God) exhort you, that you continue in concord among yourselves and in prayer with one another.
3 For it becomes every one of you, especially the presbyters, to refresh the bishop, to the honour of the Father of Jesus Christ and of the Apostles.
4 I beseech you, that you hearken to me in love; that I may not by those things which I write, rise up in witness against you.
5 Pray also for me; who through the mercy of God stand in need of your prayers, that I may be worthy of the portion which I am about to obtain that I be not found a reprobate.
6 The love of those who are at Smyrna and Ephesus salute you. Remember in your prayers the church of Syria, from which I am not worthy to be called, being one of the least of it.
7 Fare ye well in Jesus Christ; being subject to your bishop as to the command of God; and so likewise to the presbytery.
8 Love every one his brother with an unfeigned heart. My soul be your expiation, not only now, but when I shall have attained unto God; for I am yet under danger.
9 But the Father is faithful in Jesus Christ, to fulfil both mine and your petition; in whom may ye be found unblamable.

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