By any means necessary

The news is out: [The story of a Black man in Virginia who was wrongfully detained by a maskless police officer while eating at a mall food court with his family garnered national attention last weekend when a video of the incident was published online.
Days later, Jamar Mackey’s fiancée has told the local news station WAVY-TV that he has tested positive for the coronavirus.
“I’m very angry that they put my family at risk. Me and Jamar, that’s one thing but our kids, that’s what upsets me the most,” Mackey’s fiancée, Shantel Covil told the station.
Mackey was handcuffed in front of Covil and their two children at a Virginia Beach food court in Lynnhaven Mall on Dec. 19. Officers walked the man out of the mall without giving him an explanation.
The department later admitted they misidentified Mackey for a suspect they were looking for.]

When your Constitutional rights are violated, you have only one recourse for redress of grievances: sue the bastards.

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