Erasing a murder

The news is out: [Louisville police on Tuesday moved to fire two officers involved in the fatal raid on Breonna Taylor’s home, in a bid for more accountability in the tragedy that ignited the country last summer amid a broader racial-justice movement.
Detective Joshua Jaynes, who was responsible for the “no-knock” search warrant, received a pre-termination letter Tuesday, according to a copy of the missive shared by local news outlets. The department is also seeking to terminate Detective Myles Cosgrove, the officer who, an FBI ballistics report concluded, fired the shot that proved fatal to Taylor, according to the New York Times and several local news outlets.
Jaynes’s pre-termination letter, from interim chief Yvette Gentry, accuses him of breaching department policies around truthfulness and preparing for a warrant’s execution. Among other alleged violations, Gentry wrote that Jaynes “lied” in writing on the warrant application that he verified through a U.S. postal inspector that Taylor was receiving packages related to her ex-boyfriend’s alleged drug activity.]

Police reform will not be legit until and unless qualified immunity, no-knock warrant, chokehold, police unions are outlawed and a national database for law enforcement prevents the rehire of cops who are caught. Please remember that a good cop is one who hasn’t been caught yet.

The judge who signed on the warrant should be fired also.

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