Reality of the day

It is getting harder and harder for many people to understand the language they speak. I had another encounter with a lunatic. She tried to hand me a religious pamphlet as I was entering a store. I declined. She couldn’t take no for an answer and asked if I was a born again who loves Jesus.
I smiled and asked her if she ever read the bible. Her reply added “liar” to her resume when she assured me she did many times. I told her that, first, I don’t care for religion or her God. Then I followed up by calling her a liar who may have carried a bible under her armpits but never opened one to read.
It is extremely clear that a woman is not allowed to talk religion to me; it is prohibited by the bible which is the word of their God.
Then, I took the time to help her understand that she cannot testify under any circumstances because she is not naturally equipped for that task. Testify comes from the Latin word “testes” which translates into “nuts, balls” and until she can show me she has a solid pair, she can shut the hell up (her God’s words), and is not allowed to usurp authority over a man, like her God ordered.
She tried to get the last word in, as I walked away; “you are going to hell.” I quickly shouted back: “Looking at you, I am already there.”

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