To Sharia or not to Sharia

The news is out: [Warning that Islamic extremists want to impose fundamentalist religious rule in American communities, right-wing lawmakers in dozens of U.S. states have tried banning Sharia, an Arabic term often understood to mean Islamic law.
These political debates – which cite terrorism and political violence in the Middle East to argue that Islam is incompatible with modern society – reinforce stereotypes that the Muslim world is uncivilized.
They also reflect ignorance of Sharia, which is not a strict legal code. Sharia means “path” or “way”: It is a broad set of values and ethical principles drawn from the Quran – Islam’s holy book – and the life of the Prophet Muhammad. As such, different people and governments may interpret Sharia differently.
Still, this is not the first time that the world has tried to figure out where Sharia fits into the global order.]

So, the fight continues between the Quran and the bible; the great battle between two cults loaded with idiots. I want to stay as far from these morons as possible. I am not about to follow the teachings of an illiterate camel herder or the ramblings of the dimwitted Paul of Tarsus about a gay savior. My choice is reality; I am not dreaming about 40 virgins or ready to help the Christian extremists trying to force their own version of “Sharia” down everyone’s throat.

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