In house tensions

The news is out: [ENGLEWOOD, N.J. — The tensions within the Englewood Police Department had simmered for months: at disciplinary hearings, during Black Lives Matter marches and in the fallout over no-confidence votes by the officers’ union in the chief and deputy chief.
But few people in Englewood, a small, northern New Jersey city, were prepared for what followed.
In November, the union suspended eight officers who had expressed support for the chiefs. The suspensions, which last a year, meant the union would not provide the officers with legal representation if they had trouble on the job during that time.
Like the chief and deputy chief, seven of the eight officers who were suspended are Black. Several other Black officers quit the union in solidarity, leaving it with few Black members.]

The rats, zeroes and cry-babies are restless and have no support from the unions which never failed to back white cops.

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