It’s all about the money

The news is out: [A large number of people are expected to gather over the weekend at a Charlotte church that was the source of a deadly COVID-19 outbreak in October, according to local media reports.
Bishop C.M. Bailey, the national leader of the United House of Prayer for All People, is planning a visit to the United House of Prayer on Beatties Ford Road Jan. 2 and 3, Fox 46 reported, citing a member of the church. His visit could draw a crowd of hundreds, WCNC reported.
At least 213 COVID-19 cases have been linked to convocation events the church held in October, and 12 people have died. Up to 1,000 people attended the events, which county health officials said contained lax precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus, the Observer reported.]

If God needs money that bad, maybe he should get a damn job. Then he can tithe me 10% of his wages.

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