Not again

The news is out: [A pastor was killed and two people were injured in a shooting at a Texas church on Sunday. The pastor was killed with his own gun after the suspect disarmed him and shot him, authorities said.
The shooting, at Starrville Methodist Church, about 100 miles east of Dallas, occurred just after 9 a.m. when only about four people were in the church, authorities said.
The pastor found the intruder hiding in a bathroom stall and drew his weapon, Smith told reporters. The man lunged at the pastor, disarming him, shooting him and injuring two others, Smith said. Smith declined to name the pastor or other victims, but said at least one of the wounded was hospitalized.]

On the church’s website, the pastor is listed as Wooduronn Holman, a black man. The pastor drew his weapon and was killed with his own gun; obviously, he was not trained. And where is the faith; why carry a weapon; isn’t God supposed to protect him?

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