Biblical stupidity 2656

There are 7427 blatant absurdities in the bible. It doesn’t require much effort for anyone to see right through the deception. If the bible is the word of an infallible God, then we should change the definition of many words.

Family values
In Nature, there is balance: for every man there is a woman; a great-grandfather for every great-grandmother; a grandfather for every grandmother; a great-uncle for every great-aunt; a father for every mother; a son for every daughter; a brother for every sister; an uncle for every aunt; a brother-in-law for every sister-in-law; a husband for every wife; a nephew for every niece; a grandson for every granddaughter.

So why are many sexist religious cults so hell-bent on denigrating women?
“No wickedness comes anywhere near the wickedness of a woman…..Sin began with a woman and thanks to her we all must die” (Ecclesiasticus 25:19,24).
“The birth of a daughter is a loss” (Ecclesiasticus 22:3).

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