A cheap hoe

The news is out: [Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt tried to defend and humanize President Donald Trump’s supporters on Friday, two days after a group of ardent ones stormed the Capitol in a riot that left five people dead, including one police officer.
“There are 75 million people that voted for President Trump,” she said on Friday’s “Fox & Friends,” referencing the November election, which the incumbent president lost by at least 7 million votes. “And they are scared. They are worried about what the future of this country looks like. They are confused and heartbroken that their candidate didn’t win and they don’t want to be forgotten.”
Earhardt immediately began trending on Twitter as viewers lambasted her for the comment.]

I have no problem with Ainsley speaking her mind if she had one. Like a hooker selling herself on a street corner, so does Ainsley plying her trade in a corner office of Fox Opinions.

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