One question remains

The news is out: [Law enforcement agencies continue to make arrests related to last Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, which resulted in five deaths and forced members of Congress into lockdown for hours.
The arrests began last week, with Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, expressing frustration that many of those who ransacked the Capitol were allowed to just leave the building, in some cases being politely escorted out by police.
“I’m not going to play Monday-morning quarterback to see when or why they didn’t do it,” Sherwin said in a conference call with the media last week. “But the scenario has made our job difficult because we now have to go through the process — cell-site orders, video — to try to identify people and charge them and then try to execute their arrest.”
“That has made things challenging,” he continued. “But I can’t answer why or why not those people weren’t zip-tied as they were leaving the building.”]

We will get the answer when the fat lady sings.

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