A terrorist and traitor, now a coward

The news is out: [A former Navy Seal says he is cooperating with federal investigators after appearing to admit on video to breaching the Capitol in an attempt to send a message and spark a “positive revolution”.
While the video posted to the Facebook page of Adam Newbold has since been removed, a copy was published by ABC News as part of a wide-ranging interview with the 45-year-old from Lisbon, Ohio.
“There was destruction, breaching the Capitol, our building, our house. And, um, to get in you had to destroy doors and windows to get in,” Mr Newbold says in the video.
“What did get destroyed, and they’re obviously trying to overcome now, again maybe they just didn’t get the message, unfortunately, I’m hoping the message was strong enough. Unfortunately, maybe it wasn’t. I hate to see this escalate more.”
Mr Newbold did not immediately respond to The Independent’s request for comment, but told ABC that his actions went “too far” and he was now cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).
“I would like to express to you just a cry for clemency, as you understand that my life now has been absolutely turned upside-down,” Mr Newbold said. “I am not a terrorist. I am not a traitor.”]

Adam Newbold did what he did, yet he has an excuse and accepts no responsibility. Very telling of all Trump supporters. We may as well release all criminals and murderers; they too have the same excuses.

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