Thought of the day

So Trump was impeached again. “Yippee ki-yay, whoop-de-do.

For 4 long years, every time they coughed, Trump had to wipe himself. All of a sudden, they could no longer tolerate the antics of a deranged president for 6 more days. For 4 long years, I have been sounding the alarm about the consequences of selecting the idiot to run the village. No one listened.

So now, we have another lame toothless impeachment, another national foray into mental masturbation. We now have to wash our hands twice: once for safe sex and again because of the coronavirus.

Please let me digress, for just a minute, to mention that 197 public officials were on another planet and therefore missed the events of January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol. Either they are utterly stupid or they just don’t give a damn about the CONSTITUTION. They are a problem for their constituents to fix. We will see about that. Either way, there is no excuse why the 197 morons are not on the no-fly list.

But enough of that. My thought, today, was about the insane flow of money gifted to politicians by companies and corporations. Even Hallmark demanded its money back from Raphael Edward Cruz and Josh Hawley. What is the purpose of companies dumping money (bribes) in the lap of elected officials? Still thinking your vote counts?

My sincere hope is that the bill for services to clean up the mess is not forwarded to the innocent taxpayers, but to the responsible party. Donald J. Trump should compensate for all repairs, in the form of criminal and civil lawsuits.

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