Female terrorist

The news is out: [The demand for an investigation into Lauren Boebert gained traction after 68 elected officials from Colorado wrote to House speaker Nancy Pelosi, condemning the representative’s alleged association with “right-wing groups that supported the insurrection of Capitol Building.”
Ms Boebert is the representative for Colorado’s third congressional district in Congress.
“We have heard overwhelmingly from our constituents, therefore her constituents, that there is deep concern about her actions leading up to and during the protests that turned into a violent deadly mob,” said the letter signed by officials, including mayors, county commissioners and town council members, reported the Steamboat Pilot & Today newspaper.
Ms Boebert had tweeted details about the location of Speaker Pelosi during the 6 January attack on the US Capitol that had left five people dead. “We were locked in the House Chambers,” she wrote, followed shortly with, “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers,” even as several House members confirmed that they were instructed to not share their location in the building.]

Lauren Boebert should soon receive an inmate number. With her sheer stupidity, she is a clear and present danger to the entire congress.

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