Ben & Jerry

The news is out: [After last week’s chaos in the U.S. Capitol, Ben & Jerry’s issued a statement, that called the violence a “riot to uphold white supremacy.”
We must dismantle white supremacy and we have to understand that this is a white problem,” Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream co-founder Ben Cohen told Yahoo Finance. “This is not a Black problem. This is a problem of us.”
Cohen and co-founder Jerry Greenfield said white people need to “take responsibility” to change the country that treats Black and white people differently.
“The white mob that made its way to the dais of the US House of Representatives and the Senate… is the ultimate embodiment of white privilege,” the company noted. The statement explained that there were “two Americas” visible on Jan. 6, one where Black voters showed “democracy at its best,” and another where a “white mob” attempted to “overturn a free and fair election.”]

The truth shall set you free. Who gave the mutation of Dravidian albinos a license to terrorize and destroy the planet?

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