The sisters are sorry

The news is out: [DUBLIN (Reuters) – The religious order that ran a care home for unmarried mothers in the Irish town of Tuam where the remains of hundreds of infants were found in a mass grave has apologized for the treatment of those in its care.
A government-commissioned report published on Tuesday found an “appalling” mortality rate of around 15% among children born at a network of so-called Mother and Baby homes, reflecting brutal living conditions. Around 9,000 children died in all.
Relatives have alleged the babies were mistreated because they were born to unmarried mothers who, like their children, were seen as a stain on Ireland’s image as a devout Catholic nation.
We did not live up to our Christianity when running the Home,” the Sisters of Bon Secours, which ran St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home in Tuam from 1925 to 1961, said in a statement.]

Another great example of the morality of religion. Justice for the murder of 9,000 babies comes down to an apology. The Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours apologized for slaughtering 9,000 children. Their lunatic God did worse.

Like their God, like their leaders, like their priests, like mother Theresa, their mission is to care for those who are sick and dying. And guess what: the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours is presently operating in the USA, among many countries. These sisters are the holier-than-thou assholes showing the masses the way to heaven.

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