Another train wreck waiting

The news is out: [Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has said if his fellow Republican senators back the second impeachment of President Donald Trump, it will “destroy” the GOP.
Ten House Republicans crossed the aisle to join Democrats in impeaching Trump this week for inciting a mob of his supporters to storm and ransack the U.S. Capitol, where lawmakers had convened to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, on January 6.
“They will destroy the Republican party… if leadership is complicit with an impeachment, or if leadership votes for an impeachment, they will destroy the party.”
Referring to the riot at the Capitol that left five people dead, Paul said: “Look, I didn’t agree with the fight that happened last week, and I voted against overturning the election, but at the same time, the impeachment is a wrongheaded, partisan notion.
He continued: “If Republicans go along with it, it’ll destroy the party. A third of the Republicans will leave the party. I mean, this isn’t about whether it was a right or wrong debate, this isn’t about… the Electoral College, this is about the future of the party, and whether you’re going to ostracize and excommunicate President Trump from the party. Well, guess what? Millions of his fans will leave as well.”]

Credit for Rand Paul’s extreme stupidity goes to his parents who made the unfortunate decision to keep him, when an abortion was clearly a better option.

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