Dumb negroes

The news is out: [Black protesters have accused Richmond, Va., police of a double standard after the force allegedly confiscated two of their guns Monday even as white protesters boasted of defying local gun ordinances, Reuters reported.
Police allegedly stopped a car carrying Black activists while armed white activists in trucks and on foot were not similarly waylaid, according to Reuters. The news source reported that it witnessed the stop.
A white member of the anti-government “boogaloo” movement touted his group’s flouting of local gun and ammunition laws about an hour before the stop.
The member, Mike Dunn, said through a megaphone that his group’s semiautomatic rifles were carried “in open defiance” of local ordinances, as were their ammunition magazines of “double the legal limit.” Richmond law allows police to prohibit open-carry at large events, but police took no such action in the vast majority of cases Monday, according to the news service.]

While reading this article, as I was LMBAO, I asked myself: how long have these negroes been in the USA?

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