The doctor is an idiot

The news is out: [Dr. James E. K. Hildreth, a Black immunologist who serves on the FDA committee that authorized both Pfizer and Moderna’s shots for emergency use in the US, understands why.
“How can we be confident that a vaccine that was developed so quickly is safe and effective?” he said people of color ask him, adding that they also “don’t want to be the guinea pigs, they don’t want to be experimented on as were the men in the Tuskegee experiment from many decades ago.”
He addressed those concerns during Monday’s Choose Healthy Life Black Clergy Conclave, an online convening of more than 100 Black clergy, leading public-health officials, and corporate and scientific leaders who are working to boost COVID-19 testing and other resources in the Black community.
The doctor said there are three key reasons that explain the vaccine’s speed of development, and many more why the coronavirus vaccine is “nothing like Tuskegee.”]

Nurse Eunice Rivers would agree with Dr James E. K. Hildreth.

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