Child sex abuse

The news is out: [There was a sharp increase in child sex abuse imagery being posted and shared online during the coronavirus pandemic, much of it hosted on Facebook and Instagram, according to data shared exclusively with Insider.
Figures from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) showed a 31% increase in the number of images of child sexual abuse reported to them in 2020.
The figure was up by around 5 million, from 16 million reports in 2020 to 21 million in 2021, said Yiota Souras, the lead counsel at the NCMEC.
In 2019, Facebook recorded more child sexual abuse material than any other tech company, and was responsible for around 99% of all reports to the NCMEC.
Though a breakdown of the 2020 NCMEC figures is not yet available, Facebook said that it detected 13 million images on Facebook and Instagram from July to September alone. The figure indicates that the problem is still rampant, and may be worsening.]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our society.

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