Words from a terrorist

The news is out: [Police Commissioner Dermot Shea defended the police response in an interview with the news channel NY1.
“When you march from Brooklyn over a bridge, you try to shut down the traffic on the bridge,” he said Tuesday. “You’re bringing bottles. You’re bringing graffiti. You’re spray-painting our city. This is our city. You’re spray-painting to burn our city down.”
“This isn’t actions that are caused by police officers, so that’s a news flash for the AG,” Shea said. “This is actions caused by people that want to destroy our way of life and our city and we’re not going to let it happen,” he said.]

These are the words of a white supremacist defending police brutality against constitutionally protected, peaceful protesters during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day march. Who the F is Dermot Shea? Let’s make it clear: Dermot is a FN public servant who doesn’t own ANY city, ANYWHERE. Dermot works for the people who live in the city; his employers who pay his salary.

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